Film in Montenegro

22 March 2021
A new web platform for the promotion of Montenegro as a film destination

Film Centre of Montenegro presents a web platform called Film in Montenegro, implemented within the CIRCE project. The web platform was developed during the previous year, following the best practices of the project partners, but also new trends in this growing field of film promotion.

Film in Montenegro is the official program of the Film Centre of Montenegro aimed at encouraging foreign film and TV productions to discover Montenegro as a new film destination.

The web platform includes a wide overview of diverse film locations, with a set of benefits for filming in Montenegro, contacts, a list of world-famous film and TV productions shot on Montenegrin locations, as well as useful service information. Film in Montenegro also highlights the incentives program that allows foreign producers the right to a refund of part of the funds spent in Montenegro for the production of a cinematographic work, in the amount of 25% of the total production costs. The right to a refund of part of the funds spent may be acquired by a producer for the production of feature, animated and documentary films, television films and television series, which are produced in whole or in part in Montenegro and which are intended for public screening or broadcasting.

With the so-called “cash rebate” system of 25%, but also other benefits and potentials that Montenegro offers as a film destination, the Film Centre of Montenegro is proud to present the Film in Montenegro programme, which was successfully adapted to the conditions of the pandemic that has significantly hampered international promotion of Montenegrin cinema.