Rainbow, one of the 9 short movies of the CIRCE Web Series

29 October 2022
CIRCE project in Brussels at the Interreg Annual Event 2022

The CIRCE project had the opportunity to participate in the Interreg Annual Event 2022, which took place in Brussels from 26-28 October 2022 under the title “Interreg: better together”.

This edition was a special one marking the 20th Anniversary of Interregional cooperation. As a matter of fact, during this year’s event there were four experience rooms - spaces dedicated to the interactive presentation of project results, actively engaging this way with some of Interreg’s most innovative initiatives in diverse fields and experiencing the benefits of the European territorial cooperation.

Specifically, CIRCE project was selected and included in the Experience Room 2 “Cooperation in cultural and creative industries”, where its Cross-Border Web Series, considered a good practice of cultural heritage promotion through the audiovisual sector, was showcased. The audience had the chance to watch the 9 short films (each by a young director coming from Puglia, Molise Albania or Montenegro) composing the CIRCE web series, produced by Apulia Film Commission Foundation. In line with the project's objectives, the activity aimed at strengthening and spreading the visibility and recognizability of the involved territories through the power of cinema. 

All in all, CIRCE project played an active role in this three- days event raising awareness about potential initiatives and practices for promoting cultural heritage through the audiovisual sector.